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PJ Party - Slumber Spa Makeup


Time for your PJs slumber party! You know you are going to be up all night having a good time, so get some rest and relaxation in before you head out to party in your pajamas!Get your favorite PJ on as it’s time for your awesome sleepover party. Time to stay up all night and talk about life. Boys, school, and the latest gossip are going to be hot topics of the evening. You will want to hit the spa before your all night party to help you stay up. Experiment with fun makeup to get different looks. Pick a PJ or more to dress up in to see which one looks the best. It’s time to play games and talk all night long with your besties!
How to Play:• Get invited to the best slumber party ever• Hit the spa for some relaxing facial treatments• Put on some makeup to look amazing• Play dress up and wear a fun pajama set• It’s time to party!
Your PJ set, great friends, and a sleepover party are the perfect combination of fun. Start the party off right with fun at the spa. You can get some great facial treatments, and add just the right touch of makeup to look your best for your friends.